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Call for Papers/E-JASL Now Indexed in Library Literature and LISA Cherie Madarash-Hill 15 Jun 2006 18:43 UTC

>                                          THE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF
>Call for Papers

>E-JASL: The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship is
>looking for outstanding articles in all areas of academic and special
>librarianship, regardless of region or country.  We publish articles in
>English and French.  Send your manuscript as an attachment in your e-mail
>to:  <>
>E-JASL is an independent, professional, permanently archived, indexed,
>refereed, electronic library journal dedicated to advancing knowledge and
>research in all areas of academic and special librarianship.
>E-JASL is on the World Wide Web (WWW)
>E-JASL is currently in its 7th year as an open access journal.
>LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts indexes and abstracts
>E-JASL.  Coverage begins with the Volume 5, Number 1 issue (2004).
>Library Literature & Information Science indexes E-JASL.  Coverage begins
>with the Volume 1, Number 1 issue (1999).
>E-JASL is international in scope.  Besides having an international
>readership, E-JASL has published articles by authors from China, India,
>Iran, Chile, South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Finland, Greece, Vietnam, as
>well as the United States.
>E-JASL was founded by Mr. Paul G. Haschak, Mr. Adam Chandler, and Ms.
>Elizabeth Dickerson in 1999.  It was originally entitled The Journal of
>Southern Academic and Special Librarianship.  It changed its name to its
>present title in 2002.
>It is published and distributed on the WWW by the International Consortium
>for the Advancement of Academic Publication (ICAAP) in Athabasca, Alberta,
>Canada.  The ICAAP was recognized in the Chronicle of Higher Education
>(Guernsey, 1998) as "the first large-scale project designed to encourage
>scholars to publish their work on their own."
>E-JASL is permanently archived by the ICAAP at Athabasca University, and
>by the Library and Archives Canada, formerly called the National Library
>of Canada, in their "Electronic Publications Collection."
>E-JASL is committed to the principles of open access for academic research.
>E-JASL is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
>Become a part of our success.  Become a part of the open access
>movement.  Send your manuscript electronically as an attachment in your
>e-mail to Paul G. Haschak:
>The staff at E-JASL looks forward to seeing your manuscript submission.
>Regards,  Paul G. Haschak, Co-Founder & Senior Editor of E-JASL,
>                 <>

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