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Re: Univ. of Chicago Press journals Richard Connelly (27 Oct 2006 19:10 UTC)

Re: Univ. of Chicago Press journals Richard Connelly 27 Oct 2006 19:10 UTC

Dear All,

There are no geographic restrictions on the single-concurrent user option
for 2007.

If you have additional questions about the University of Chicago Press 2007
Price Plan, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  My phone is
listed below and my email address is

Best regards,

Rich Connelly
Circulation Services Manager
University of Chicago Press
Journals Division
P.O. Box 37005
Chicago, IL 60637
Tel. 773.753.3601
FAX  773.753.0811

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I asked my serials vendor to check with University of Chicago Press.  She
reported back that they said "There is no geographical restriction on the
single concurrent user."

So does anyone else out there want to check with UofC on this?  UofC -- are
you listening?


At 11:32 AM 10/26/2006, you wrote:
>Yikes, that's more bad news.   We need to let these publishers know this
>is not an acceptable option.
>Sandy Beehler
>Mitchell, Meg wrote:
>>Isn't this the same thing American Psychiatric is doing? We subscribed
>>to one journal from them, print plus on-line, and chose not to renew.
>>Access only in the library or even the psychology dept office would not
>>have worked for our students and faculty.
>>American Psychiatric Publishing is changing their subscription model in
>>2007.  Effective immediately, the publisher is offering two types of
>>1.  Limited Access
>>2.  Global Access
>>  The Limited Access option will allow access at one physical location,
>>such as one building.  The Global Access option will allow for access at
>>multiple locations, including campus-wide access and remote access.  The
>>Global Access options costs more than the Limited Access option.
>>Previously, the publisher did not restrict access for subscribing
>>institutions.  In effect, everyone was receiving campus-wide access.
>>Now, with the new pricing model, the publisher is charging more for the
>>site-wide access ("global access").
>>The Limited access is only for one facility, not for campus-wide access.
>>Margaret Mitchell
>>Print Collection Librarian
>>Logue Library
>>Chestnut Hill College
>>215 248-7073
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>>Subject: [SERIALST] Univ. of Chicago Press journals
>>Are there other libraries out there that are dissatisfied with the
>>decision at the Univ. of Chicago Press to offer their journals at two
>>levels of access:   non-Enterprise (1 geog. location & 1 concurrent
>>user) and Enterprise-wide (unlimited geog. location and unlimited
>>users)?   Till this shift, we have had multiple-user access to our UCP
>>journals at our one location.   Now our access will be reduced to 1
>>user, unless we pay the 30% higher price.   I have written to UCP to ask
>>them to offer other alternatives (such as 1 geog. location, 3-5 users)
>>or at least give us some way of knowing how many users are turned away
>>so we can make an informed decision about paying the higher cost.
>Sandra A. Beehler
>Acquisitions/Collection Development Librarian
>Aubrey R. Watzek Library
>Lewis & Clark College
>0615 SW Palatine Hill Rd.
>Portland, OR  97219-7899
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