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English Journal on JSTOR Glasson, Patricia 06 Oct 2006 17:42 UTC


I'm new on the list, so apologies if this has already been covered. In
adding JSTOR links in our database, I've run into a question about
"English journal" (ISSN 0013-8274).  The journal has been published
since 1912, but from 1928 to 1939 there was also a "College edition"
(ISSN 1544-6166) which eventually became "College english" (ISSN
0010-0994) in 1939 and continues to be published.

JSTOR has English journal and College english, but it's difficult to
tell if the JSTOR holdings represent both the "regular" edition and the
"college edition" of English journal.  When I checked a couple of
article titles that supposedly appeared only in the regular edition
between 1928 and 1939, I didn't see them in JSTOR. Everything in the
college edtion (that I checked) was there, and the t.p. images showed
Univ. of Chicago as publisher, which is apparently correct for the
college edition but not the regular edition.

Has anyone investigated this more thoroughly? Are there articles missing
from JSTOR that are available in the print journal between 1928 and



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