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Job Opportunity - Serials Acquisitions/Collection Management Assistant Li, Xiaoli 17 Oct 2006 21:14 UTC

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UC Davis Job Opportunity

Serials Acquisitions/Collection Mgmt. Assistant

VL# 6476 External (Reopened)
Serials Acquisitions/Collection Mgmt. Assistant (LIBRARY ASST III)
$2,695.00 - $3,496.00/Mo.
Final Filing Date 10-30-06

This position is located in: Carlson Health Sciences Library and is
represented by a union. Working hours: M-F, 8-5.

This External position is for UCD/UCDHS employees and the general public.
Applications from the general public and UCD/UCDHS employees will be
considered simultaneously.

The General Library consists of the Peter J. Shields Library, the Carlson
Health Sciences Library and the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library in
Davis, and the Medical Center Library in Sacramento. For more information
about the General Library see

Responsibilities: Verify and resolve discrepancies on all invoices sent to
Library Accounting. Act as liaison with vendors and publishers in submitting
orders, claiming, resolving problems and making payments. Support for
Collection Management is provided by bibliographic checking, obtaining price
and publication information, and research for other serials decisions. Serve
as work leader for training staff to receive, process, and provide access to
current information about serials materials. Set up, maintain, and
troubleshoot records and payment for electronic journals.

Requirements: Extensive knowledge of serials control systems to do
bibliographic searching and to update and create bibliographic, check-in,
and order records. Organizational skills to work independently, establish
priorities and organize fluctuating work load, and meet deadlines. Excellent
decision making skills based on knowledge of serials publishing and local
serial practices. Skill in use of the Internet to identify and verify
availability of electronic serials, their licenses, costs, etc. Working
knowledge of accounting to prepare invoices for payment and query campus
accounting system, i.e. DaFis. Knowledge of vendor and publisher invoicing
practice and procedures preferred. Knowledge of serial subscription patterns
to recognize changes in title and publishing history and to set up order and
check-in records. Excellent attention to detail to effectively make
comparisons and perceive differences. Knowledge of serials cataloging rules
and terminology, MARC tagging, and OCLC input conventions. Supplemental
Requirements: Supplemental requirements that must be provided by the final
filing date: Clerical Supplemental Form Required. Special Conditions of
Employment: No eating, drinking, or use of tobacco in the work area.
Physical Requirements: Lift books weighing up to 10 pounds; operate
keyboards; interpret fine print and read CRT screens for extended periods of

Application Process: Apply online at or apply at UC
Davis Human Resources Administration Bldg., Orchard Park, Davis, Ca, 95616.
Applications must be received before 5:00 p.m. on the Final Filing Date for
consideration (postmarks are not acceptable). Required application materials
are available at the UCD Human Resources Administration Building, on the
Internet or UCDMC Personnel Office, TICON III,
2nd Floor, 2730 Stockton Boulevard, Sacramento, Ca. For additional
information call (530) 752-7520 UCD is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Employer TDD Line (530) 752-7140