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Re: Business Ethics Virginia Taffurelli (18 Oct 2006 16:28 UTC)

Re: Business Ethics Virginia Taffurelli 18 Oct 2006 16:28 UTC


According to the magazine's website:

"Reflecting the mainstreaming of the corporate responsibility movement,
Business Ethics Magazine is merging into The CRO, a new corporate
membership organization for Corporate Responsibility Officers.  The move
will be effective with Business Ethic's Fall 2006 issue."

Hope this is helpful.

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Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility, ISSN
0894-6582. The last we received of this one was v. 20 no. 2 Summer 2006
and it was on August 1, 2006. There was no note or anything about this
one ending. However, today we received a new magazine called Corporate
Responsibility Officer v. 1 no. 1 Fall 2006 and it says on its cover
"Incorporating Business Ethics Magazine." There is no note inside or any
letter with it to indicate that Business Ethics ended....The record for
Business Ethics is still open in OCLC. Our vendor, EBSCO, does not have
any notes about it ending either. If anyone has any more information
about this one, please let me know. Thanks!

Deb Ham

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Creighton University

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