Re: close OCLC record, please! Elmer Alvin Klebs 01 Nov 2006 18:54 UTC


I've made the needed update.  Thanks for calling this to someone's attention; this should have been caught by the LC copycat technician who claimed the later record for us.

Elmer Klebs
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>>> Lynn.Cote@UCONN.EDU 11/01/06 10:45 AM >>>
Would some kind CONSER participant who can close OCLC records be willing
to close OCLC #31059453?  International journal of surface mining,
reclamation and environment ceased with v. 19, no. 4 (Dec. 2005).  It
changed title to International journal of mining, reclamation and
environment for which a new record for the 'print' (OCLC #68820705) was
added in May 2006.
The OCLC record (#47766560) for the 'online' was closed in August 2006
and at the same time a record for the new title was added (so both have
appropriate linking fields).

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