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Re: Print newsletters moving to e-mail Mary Bailey 30 Jan 2007 22:09 UTC

I wish I could cancel them.  But  it is not only newsletters.

International Congress Calendar - sent PDF files of 4 issues
over 100 pages each.  We are supposed to print out for our
patrons use.  That means binding before use, etc.

Accents online - used to come as an e-mail.  I printed it out
and sent it to the reading room.  Now it is in html.  How do you
make this available on the university level?  We forward it to a
subject librarian who forwards it to her faculty and students
never even see it.

Five owls - sends an e-mail that the newest edition is online.
I have to use a password to download and print it for student

I could go on, but you all know the problems.  Does anyone have
answers?  I have spoken to a some of these places asking if they
would consider setting up web IP access  or other ideas and
gotten very few "positive" responses.


Mary E. Bailey
Serials Librarian
509 Hale
Kansas State University Libraries
Manhattan, KS 66506-1200

Voice:  (785) 532-0678
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>>> CSmit@ALBANYLAW.EDU 1/30/2007 2:46:38 PM >>>

We've been cancelling these subscriptions.

Colleen E. Smith
Head of Technical Services
Albany Law School
Albany, New York
(518) 445-2341

>>> sl24@TXSTATE.EDU 1/30/2007 2:48:55 PM >>>
We are noticing a trend of some smaller print newsletters
moving to e-mail
distribution only.

So far we have seen three varieties:

Aviso (0739-7747)* email links to a web-version.  Libraries are
authorized to
post the electronic version, or print out the entire

State Capitals Newsletter- (0016-1705) .pdf will be emailed.
Printing is limited
to 5 copies.  Specifies: "do not forward email outside of

WEF highlights (1087-3384) * a link to electronic newsletter
will be emailed
out for each issue.  We don't have details yet, but it appears
you have to
have to log in on the website. Unkown whether the newsletter
can be easily
printed.  We have been unsucessful in contacting the publisher
to provide
them an email address as instructed.

Are others noticing this trend?
If so how are you handling this?

- Cancelling the subscription?
- Printing out the newsletter?
- Posting the newsletter on a local server?
- Forwarding the newsletter to interested parties?
- Other

Curiously, we have not yet received anything from the
publishers since we
provided them with an email address.

If you choose, you may reply off list to

Thank you,

Stephanie Larrison
Serials Acquisition Librarian
Texas State University - San Marcos