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Australian Quarterly: title change? Fogler Patricia A Civ AUL/LTSC 26 Jan 2007 18:01 UTC

I've been off the serial list for some time now and I've not been as
clear as I'd like to be about the newer (or not so new anymore) criteria
in what constitutes a major title change.    This morning AQ : Journal
of contemporary analysis was brought to my attention.   A year ago (vol.
78, iss.1) Jan/Feb 2006,  the publisher noted the masthead change to:
AQ: Australian quarterly.

While noting that preceding issues already included "Australian
quarterly" after AQ on the inside page, it appears that the official
removal of the phrase "journal of contemporary analysis" by the
publisher is simply viewed as a change in "other title information".
Is that so?   With such a generic main title, I would have thought that
the removal of "other title information" would at least justify a note.
Or do most libraries simply note the dropping of the subtitle from the
record in their own systems?      Since there are 71 holdings on the
current OCLC record (#38273642), I wanted to make sure that I'm reading
this correctly before I annotate our own record.

The title change is significant enough for local staff to wonder (now
that it's been noticed -- & especially as we come to bind last year's
issues), so we will definitely want to note this.  I am just wondering
what other libraries are doing in their own systems.    And also whether
there is a reason the OCLC record has not been updated.

Thanks for any insight.

Patricia Fogler, Catalog Librarian
Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center
600 Chennault Circle, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
(334) 953-2135