EBSCO EJS Enhanced more questions Patricia Thompson 01 Mar 2007 17:00 UTC

I have been doing without EJS Enhanced, and I have even more
questions about what it offers, besides its A-Z service.

We were already using Serials Solutions AMS and A-Z list when EJS
Enhanced came out, so we chose not to pay for EJS Enhanced. I still
can use EbscoNet, which has activation information, and the free EJS,
which I do use to link some journals to in our Serials Solutions A-Z
list. I can also get reports from Ebsco with the basic service. I
have found that the information in EbscoNet, EbscoHost, and the
publisher's site do not always match. I have found that usually, the
information in Serials Solutions matches the publisher's site as far
as default coverage, but there is no way it can tell which level of
access you paid for.

I have started a trial of the EJS Enhanced service for a month so I
can figure out whether it is something I need. I have not yet had
time to do any of the training they offer.

Does it make sense to have both EJS Enhanced and Serials Solutions AMS?

Since we buy most of our titles through Ebsco, it would be nice to
have them automatically registered and activated when we've paid for them.

Any further advice would be much appreciated!

Pat Thompson

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