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We have accounts for 3 separate campus libraries and have used EBSCO for
30 years. Outside of a few minor problems (usually with publishers not
filling claimed issues) I have not had difficulty with EBSCO.  The rep
is the key.

Regina McEneaney
Suffolk Co. Comm. College
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While I use Swets now, I used Ebsco for eight years and never had any
problems. So much depends on your service rep and the regional office
that handles your account.
When looking for a vendor, ask them who else uses their services in your
area and talk to
those libraries.  I think you can have great luck with a vendor in one
area of the country and terrible in another.  Also, if you think your
problem is your service rep, ask for another one! The vendor will comply
to keep your business.

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I am using EBSCO (after Faxon went bankrupcy in 2003) but with the
intention to switch to Swets for the next year (2008-). I have been very
frustrated with EBSCO accounting unit services (messy invoices generated
frequently with duplicate titles showing on different accounts and
duplicate charges,etc. which added lots of stress and both time and
energy needed to dovote on our side to contact EBSCO to solve the
'confusion'!!), and its too many different personnels that you might be
at lost as to who to contact for questions and issues that were already
put through but delayed takn care of...

I recommend to encourage other vendors to exist and compete with EBSCO.

Julia Wang
Julia Wang, M.L.I.S.
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We have a very good relationship and experience with Swets at this time.
This is largely due to the exellent service from our account executive.
We have a little under 1500 subscriptions.  The number can make a
difference in the service received by any vendor.  Only rarely do we
deal directly with publishers.


Kristina DeShazo, MLS
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>>> stephend@MAIL.BELMONT.EDU 2/28/2007 12:10 PM >>>

What are people's experiences with subscription services other than
EBSCO, such as SWETS or Harrassowitz?  Does anyone deal directly with
publishers rather than using a subscription service?  Thank you.

Dawn Stephen
Periodicals Librarian
Lila D. Bunch Library
Belmont University
1900 Belmont Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37212