Re: Sports Illustrated policy Skwor, Jeanette 07 Mar 2007 18:12 UTC

Several birds with one stone, here, & my responses set off with ***:

I just sent an email to our local newspaper, suggesting this as a news
item. We'll see if the Seattle Times decides to investigate - would be
interesting to see it hit the news.

***Yes!  Please let us know if it does!

I have asked check-in to correct the check-in record and show the
non-receipt of v. 106, no. 7

***Good thought, I did that also.  I normally don't add missing issue
information until the end of the year, when we collapse our issues, but
made an exception for this one.  With any luck, some patrons will
complain also.

***Does anyone know if the issue is dated?  I just put 'v. 106, no. 7
("Swimsuit Issue"' in the mfhd.

There have been too many complaints from doctors' offices and other
public places that this issue isn't acceptable there, so we won't be
sending it,"
I imagine they're going to get slammed for this one...

***I certainly hope so.  That's ridiculous.  Issues don't come in & fly
onto the shelves all by themselves.  If someone doesn't want to display
it, they won't, period.

***It seems to me they are being very cavalier about this, and getting
away with it.  "Really!  How many complaints have you had?"  "Were
academic libraries among the larger percentage?"

***As an aside, I use an online discount magazine site to order
materials for our popular reading/browsing titles, which are funded by
our library Friends organization.  The first time I placed an order, I
got 2 almost immediate calls from the owner of the site.  The first was
to say that someone at this address, giving my phone number, had just
ordered a largish number of subscriptions, and they just wanted to
confirm they were legit.  The second, a couple of minutes later, went
something like this:
	"Umm, I noticed one of the titles you ordered is _Out
	"Yes . . ."
	"Are you familiar with that magazine?"
	"Well, I've not actually read it, but I know it deals with gay
	"Oh, ok, good!" (with relief) "We get schools who order that,
and then when it
	comes want their money back, because they thought it was a
sports magazine"

***Now THAT I call good customer service!  :)

Jeanette L. Skwor
Cofrin Library, Serials Dept.
UW-Green Bay
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