Re: Sports Illustrated policy Kevin M. Randall 07 Mar 2007 22:35 UTC

The content of this particular issue of Sports Illustrated is *not* the
problem being discussed.  The problem is that an issue is not being
distributed to subscribers.  What that issue contains is immaterial.  The
subscribers paid for the issue, they are entitled to it, according to the
implicit agreement in the subscription.  And that *is* a matter of justice,
ethics, and morals.

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At 12:58 PM 3/7/2007, Ian Woodward wrote:
>For a commercial corporation to elect to restrict its trade in such a
>manner as to not make the world a little trashier is not a 'scary'
>development.  There is no provision in positive law that compels Time
>Warner to publish an annual stroke book, nor could they be faulted under
>a sensible principle of justice, ethics, or morals for electing not to
>distribute one (unless they be in breach of contract).  IW
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