RE- Sports Illustrated SwimSuit issue Eleanor Cook 08 Mar 2007 01:10 UTC

This is the message I just sent to my Ebsco account rep concerning the
Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue:

There is a thread on SERIALST about the Sports Illustrated SwimSuit
issue - they are saying that Ebsco has reported to several libraries
that Time, Inc is not supplying this issue to libraries anymore.  A
number of people have then commented saying "who are they to decide
this" - demanding that they supply the issue since it is part of the
subscription.  It should be part of our subscription and it always has
been in the past.  It appears from our checkin records that it has not
come in - if it is indeed v.106, no.7 - then it is not here.  (Our
checkin manager thought it had come, but if this is the issue number, it

I am in agreement with others that this is a disturbing, censorial
trend.  The swimsuit issue is definitely popular in the mail room and
with the guys - but it also is a fashion standard which our Family &
Consumer Science Dept. might use to track women's fashions over the
years (seriously).  We do want it - if they decide to market it
separately in the future then they should call it a supplement and not
number it with the yearly issues. I will try to contact someone at the
publisher to register my complaint, but I realize that this is one of
those "black hole" titles that comes from a big distribution factory.

Eleanor Cook

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