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Madam, 'censorship' is an authoritative regulation implemented by the
public authorities, not a voluntary abstention on the part of commercial
corporations.  Kindly explain what you mean by "with the way censorship
is going these days"?  What is being censored?  The world is awash in
internet porn and nude dancing at the Kitty Kat Lounge has been extended
by our rogue judiciary a degree of First Amendment protection under
half-baked conceptions of 'freedom of expression'.  IW

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Hi all, after reading the posts this week I noticed that I, too, did not
receive that sports illustrated. I couldn't believe it because we got it
last year. I told my library director (we're a small institution) and
she couldn't believe it either. If anybody feels so inclined, I would
suggest actually writing to the NYtimes to see if they even respond.
With the way censorship is going these days, this is a troubling
development. It would be interesting to see if others outside the
library world agree. Their email is: .


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