Re: Sports Illustrated policy William Walsh 08 Mar 2007 14:57 UTC

You are entitled to the issue;  I didn't imply otherwise.

I did say that I doubted many taxpayers would be appalled over this.

Melissa, Does your library buy everything published, or are you more selective than that?


>>> On 3/8/2007 at 7:55 AM, Melissa Farley <mfarley@WESTGA.EDU> wrote:
> What, exactly, does the content of the magazine have to do with this
> matter?  We are a *library*, and generally, libraries aren't into
> censorship.
> We paid for the issue; we're entitled to the issue.
> Period.
> William Walsh wrote:
>>I'd be surprised if many taxpayers in Georgia were appalled that their money
> didn't fund a library's receipt of pictures of Beyonce in a bikini.
>>Time handled this poorly, but the situation hardly seems scandalous.

>>> On 3/7/2007 at 12:12 PM, Melissa Farley <mfarley@WESTGA.EDU> wrote:
> It doesn't really matter whether it's a public library or not.
> Individual libraries, whether public or private, can make the decision
> for themselves whether to display the issue, as can doctor's offices and
> other public institutions.  It is never appropriate for the publisher to
> make that decision for all of any group.  It is more appropriate for
> them to have an opt-in list for such action.
> As I implied before, it is even more scandal-worthy and appalling when
> taxpayer's money is involved.
> -Melissa Farley