Re: Sports Illustrated policy Weyer, Shelley 08 Mar 2007 14:58 UTC

Guys (& Gals)!  Are you listening to yourselves?

Stay with the facts concerning not receiving an issue of a magazine/periodical and the fact that the publisher "choose" to not send a "paid for" item to just about every educational institution across the country.

THAT is the issue not whether it is "worthy" of research or is "smutty".

Contact the publisher, your local paper, the New York Times, THE PRESIDENTS WIFE!! (she is a librarian btw)

Have a blessed day and don't bicker with each other.  Your fellow serial people (librarian or technician) are not the enemy.

Shelley Weyer
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Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Sports Illustrated policy

Our library receives it every year. We keep it on reserve at the periodicals desk so that it's not damaged when we do our bindery order. This is the first year we haven't gotten it.

In the five years I've been at this job, no one has ever asked for it on reserve, incidentally.

Max Shenk
Periodicals Assistant
Montgomery County Community College Library
Blue Bell, PA

>>> Jane Binksma <jbinksma@GWEMAIL.RYERSON.CA> 3/8/2007 9:32 AM >>>
Has anyone checked their collection to see if there are previous
swimsuit editions?

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