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Did any of the few libraries that received the issue get it directly or through a vendor other than EBSCO? We did get the issue, and our vendor for that title is Harrassowitz. Perhaps, just perhaps, this code confusion is part of the problem?  Perhaps Time Inc created 2 codes so that a subscriber could opt-out of getting the swimsuit issue. And then they didn't share the information effectively, and arbitrarily decided that "institutions" would not get the issue unless they somehow knew which code to use. It doesn't begin to address why they would do it, but as Robin says, it just might explain how. I'm looking forward to EBSCO's investigations,

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>>> Robin Insalaco <rins@TJC.EDU> 3/8/2007 8:00 AM >>>
Good Morning All-

I just got off the phone with Sandra (last name not given and you can't call back and reach her directly)  from Time Warner concerning our missing Sports Illustrated issue.  She said that issue wasn't included in our subscription.  When I questioned her as to why it had always been included,  mentioning that there was no indication in our renewal form that in future it would be excluded, she said our serials vendor, EBSCO, is at fault.  They transmitted the wrong offer code with our order--sending SIFCZG1 rather than the correct code SIFBH71, so of course the swimsuit issue wasn't sent.  This was news to my EBSCO rep who had never used either of these codes when submitting our order.  Now that's a pretty specific reason, and one I bet EBSCO can check out.

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