UKSG Usage Factor Research - an Update Acreman, Beverley 08 Mar 2007 15:53 UTC

**with apologies for cross posting**

Towards the end of last year, UKSG commissioned some research into the
feasibility of establishing a Usage Factor as an alternative measure of
the value of a scholarly journal. (see:

The project has been divided into two phases and phase one, a series of
in-depth interviews with key stakeholders has now been completed. Phase
2 is a brief, web survey (one for librarians and one for authors)
designed to obtain a wider response to some of the key issues and to
verify, or otherwise, some of the conclusions from the in-depth
interview phase.

On behalf of the project team working on this, I would be grateful if
you were able to take a few minutes to complete the survey, which can be
found at:

It is our intention to present the findings of both the in-depth
interviews and the surveys at the forthcoming UKSG Annual Conference in
April and in order to allow enough time for responses to be analyzed, we
would be grateful for your response by Friday 30th March.

A completely separate survey for authors is also being undertaken and if
you are willing to help disseminate this to researchers in your
institution, please email the following link to the survey to your

Bev Acreman

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