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Moderator's note:

I think that Frances has a really good point and would like to call this
discussion to a halt, unless someone has something new and significant to
add to it.

At the same time, I must admit that it really has been great having a topic
on the list that has generated this much discussion.

Stephen Clark
SERIALST Co-Moderator

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Gentle people,

I must agree with Shelley, but would also like to go one step further.
Enough is enough!!  I would politely request that the moderators think
about putting this thread to rest.  The horse is dead - let's not use
this list to continue beating it.  As Shelly suggested, contact the
appropriate sources - the vendors, the publishers, etc. Please, folks.
My delete key is getting worn out from all of this.

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> Guys (& Gals)!  Are you listening to yourselves?