ACS Author Choice Program Adam Chesler 08 Mar 2007 18:27 UTC

Recent posts to the listserv have contributed to a misunderstanding
about the ACS AuthorChoice program to provide open article access. We
believe that the following clarification will be helpful:

The ACS Author Choice option is for authors who wish or need to sponsor
open access to their published research articles. It allows immediate
open web access to the final published article as delivered from the ACS
web site, in exchange for a fixed fee paid by the author or author's
sponsor. Discounts are provided to authors who are members of the ACS or
whose institutions subscribe to ACS journals. (ACS members who are
authors from subscribing institutions get an even greater combined
discount.) ACS AuthorChoice also licenses authors to post electronic
copies of published articles on their own personal websites, and those
of their funding agencies, for scholarly purposes. The terms and
conditions of this license are described at

This clarification notwithstanding, the ACS Author Choice option is but
one way the Society supports the distribution of scientific research via
the web, in partnership with our international community of authors.

Our ACS Articles on Request program is another initiative that enables
each ACS author to direct interested readers to the authoritative
version of the final, published article on the ACS website. There is no
charge to authors or readers for this service, and access is managed
through a unique URL which we supply to contributing authors at the time
of online publication. These links can be emailed to colleagues or
posted on the author's personal or institutional web sites.  As an
extension of our author e-print service, ACS permits within the first 12
months of publication up to 50 complimentary article downloads to
interested readers who are not already ACS subscribers; at 12 months and
thereafter, reader access via these author-directed links is unlimited.

What these two access options intend is that only those authors who
elect ACS Author Choice are licensed the right to post copies of final
published articles for availability on the web - and may do so
immediately upon publication. Under the ACS Articles on Request program,
any ACS author is at liberty to e-mail or post links to final published
articles as published by the Society. Article access via those links is
from the ACS web site only, and is provided without charge to the
reader, with no access limitations after 12 months.

Complete details about ACS Author Choice option are available on our web
site, at  Information about
the ACS Articles on Request program is available at  Our ACS copyright policy is
accessible at


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