Re: Sports Illustrated policy Jack Hall 07 Mar 2007 16:53 UTC

Sorry, I spoke too soon, and should have actually checked the current
journals room shelf before responding that we (University of Houston)
had received v. 106, no. 7. That issue was checked in, as I said,
however, when I checked the shelf, the issue for Feb. 19 actually
said: vol. 106, no. 8. Someone, presumably a helpful serial check-in
staff member, had crossed through the 8 and written the 7 in by hand,
since the previous week's issue (Feb. 12) had v. 106, no. 6. They
simply assumed that the next issue was no. 7. I have asked check-in
to correct the check-in record and show the non-receipt of v. 106,
no. 7, and will email the subject librarian here who oversees the
budget for general periodicals.


At 10:19 AM 3/7/2007, Jack Hall wrote:
>Our issue 106:7 was checked in Feb. 19. Our vendor is ebsco.
>>From: SERIALST: Serials in Libraries Discussion Forum
>>   We did not receive v.106 no.7, the
>>Swimsuit Issue.

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