Re: How does anyone out there deal with password authenticated online content? Holman Jenifer S 30 May 2007 13:41 UTC

I'm curious how libraries are handling passwords for journals listed as
single-user.  I had interpreted a single-user username/password journal
(from an institutional subscription) as one concurrent user.  After all,
why on earth would a publisher sell a library a license that only allows
one single person to access the content?

EBSCOhost EJS, however, has pulled our ACM journals (we purchase
licenses to about 5 a la carte titles), because ACM apparently thinks
that our institutional username/password can literally only be used by
one person and cannot be shared.

I'm thinking that ethically, I'll just have to cancel these titles
because ACM has told us that we cannot share the password.

Do any other libraries have issues with this?  I believe that the same
situation exists with Chronicle of Higher Education, by the way.  The
username/password is for one person.  Chronicle offers a VERY expensive
site license for IP access.

Jen Holman

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