Re: Dealing with password authenticated online content weeks@UPEI.CA 30 May 2007 20:45 UTC

In reading some of the recent postings re: username and password, I get a sense
that some institutions feel they can make online content available to all faculty, staff
and students. I am not sure this is the case.

I will provide one example. One of our faculty inquired why they couldn't have online
access to Compendium: continuing education for veterinarians. They realized that
another university library (which will remain nameless)  was providing online access.
It was my understanding the the publisher, Veterinary Learning Systems did not allow
the library to provide the username and password to patrons  or through some of the
arrangements recently described provide online access to the greater university

I phoned Veterinary Learning Systems and was told emphatically that we could not
provide online access to our faculty, staff and students.

I would be interested in comments. I may not be understanding some of legalities of
this issue.

Thanks for reading

David J. Weeks
Robertson Library, UPEI
Charlottetown, PE