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I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my question both on and off-list. It was very reassuring to know that others agree that ethical boundaries are generally not being crossed when reselling gift donations to the library. Here are a few of the comments sent to me off-list:

"If a back-issue dealer is willing to buy something I have offered I'm inclined to sell, although I won't sell what a library has previously requested. (I do stick to first come, first served order in fulfilling requests.)  Your situation may be a bit different in that the issues were donated, but were they mine I'd sell them. Although we're thinking more of books than periodicals, we tell donors that we accept donations as long as we're free to do with gifts as we see fit and that includes duplicate exchange."

"The situation you are facing is not much different than selling gift books in book sales.  We have a Friends of the Library group that holds quarterly book sales and the majority of the items for sale are donated books that we either already have or we do not need.  That will also include journals and magazines if the Friends group thinks they can sell them."

"The like situation I've had is when professors donate runs of titles, for us to fill in our collection.  Sometimes we need 5 issues out of a ten-year run.  I put them up on Backserv without a qualm & would - & have - accepted dealer offers, although my Backserv postings always stipulate that dealer requests are filled after libraries have had a chance.
The other thing I'd be wary of, though, is that you are dealing with a reputable dealer.  There are some out there that offer to pay and do not - not even postage."

After several individuals pointed out that there are unscrupulous dealers out there who don't pay as promised, I did a quick search of the Serialst archives and found several postings regarding this issue. Thanks again to everyone for all your insights - it's great to have the ability to discuss issues such as this one with experienced colleagues.

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