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Re: Discontinued Hard-Copy Versions of Serials Steven C Shadle 24 Jul 2007 21:35 UTC

This is a good question that affects what we do with serial records.  Personally, my take on it is as long as the original publisher is still making print copies available (through whatever means), then the print is still being 'published'.  Whether or not you can subscribe to it is a different story, but there's lots of things that are 'published' that we can't subscribe to.

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On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Stephen M. Dingler wrote:

> We are seeing more notices such as the following (particularly from
> government agencies):
> "...the fourth quarter will be the final hard-copy version
> of the report will mail.  Beginning with the first quarter
> 2007 report, we will publish the reports online only...Printed copies of
> the reports will be available on request."
> My understanding of something being published is that it is made
> available for distribution, but I am not sure whether something
> available on request means that it is still published.  In the above
> example, a copy made available may be printed from the online version.
> I cannot decide whether to treat a print serial such as the above
> example as having ceased publication, in which case the bibliographic
> record would be closed up and a new record created for the online
> version, or to treat it as an inactive title.  Any thoughts or advice on
> this would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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