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Re: Managing free access journals Arlene Freed 02 Aug 2007 13:41 UTC

We use Ebsco's AtoZ link resolver because we can have all our full text journals (free or licensed) in one place and because we can add/delete whole collections at a time e.g. PubMed Central.  Access to the licensed journals is only available through our portal.

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>>> "Nada Jensen, MALS" <njense@MIDWESTERN.EDU> 8/1/2007 2:03 PM >>>
We would like to provide links to open source journals from our web page or
catalog.  I would appreciate hearing how your library manages such free
access journals.  Do you include them on your web page/catalog?  Is there a
comprehensive list of free access journals available?  How do you keep track
of them?  Any suggestions on how to start such a project would be really
appreciate.  Please reply to