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Re: Electronic Serials - Title changes John Radencich 24 Aug 2007 12:47 UTC


    This is a problem that I don't believe the serials cataloging
community has really addressed yet.  (I could be wrong, as I don't keep
up with the written literature and only go to ALA for
conference-going.)  For my own library I decided to solve it my own way,
which is to bite the bullet and give in to the reality of the online
journal as I find it.  I catalog the journal under its current title,
adding the note: "Online version of the following print titles..."
following which I list all the print titles in order of publication,
along with their original dates of publication.  Then I list each in a
776 note.  I don't believe this is how a CONSER library would do it, but
I can't speak for them.  Since we're not a CONSER library I feel I have
some leeway to do what I feel is best for our catalog users.  Of course
there still can be problems.  Do I know all the print journals and their
correct titles?  Do I have their exact dates?  What happens if the
online journal's title changes?  Do I recatalog under the new title
(yes)?  And so on.  However, I long ago decided to stop agonizing over
the situation and just catalog the thing as I find it, accepting all the
problems and dealing with them as best I can.  This means that, though
generally we single serial record library--cataloging the print and
appending links, notes, etc. to its record--I sometimes will make a
separate record for the electronic version, even if we do have the
print.  Serials cataloging isn't as exact a science as, say, monographic
cataloging.  There are so many variations and changes to deal with,
along with the fact you may not have all the information, and so on.
You just have to accept what you're given.
    For sure this situation would make for a good research article or
presentation at a conference (e.g. ALA's Continuing Resources Cataloging
Committee).  If I wasn't retiring soon I would be tempted to look into
doing something along those lines myself, as I find electronic journals
and all their quirks increasingly fascinating.
    By the way not all electronic publishers are doing it that way.
There are some that do keep them separate.  For one JSTOR, but of course
they're not a publisher actually.  There are others, and I have
cataloged their e-journals, but I can't recall who they are at the moment.

John Radencich
Library-Cataloging Dept.
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199

Cynthia Koman wrote:
> Please excuse cross-postings.
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> Hello,
> I am wondering if anyone else is has noticed that the electronic version of title changes are not listed separately on publisher's websites?  I have noticed on several publisher's websites (Blackwell, Springer, etc.) that title changes show up under the most recent title of that serial, so that the previous title is buried and is not listed separately.  Does anyone know why the titles are being clumped together and not being listed separately?  This is becoming an increasing issue because as we link to our e-journal collection from our e-journal list.
> If you have noticed this - how are you handling it?
> Any information anyone can provide would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Cindy
> Cynthia L. Koman
> Serials Librarian
> Schaffer Library of Health Sciences
> Albany Medical College
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> phone:  518-262-6058
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