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Re: Print subscription cancellations - Communicating to users Adelaide Fletcher (01 Nov 2007 19:21 UTC)

Re: Print subscription cancellations - Communicating to users Adelaide Fletcher 01 Nov 2007 19:21 UTC

We are also trying to tackle this problem. One strategy we have is to
put fluorescent 1" X 4" stickers on the journals that will become e-only
for the print issues that arrive between now and the new year. They say:

Notice: This journal will become "E-Only" in 2008.

We will no longer receive a paper copy, but you will be able to access
it online through our website.


And we are planning a large poster board with a list of the same titles.

We have also incorporated it into our "Change is in the E-ther" theme
for Medical Librarians Month, which is now over, but gave us an
opportunity to showcase how many of our recent and future changes have
an electronic aspect to them.

And we've briefly covered it in our library blog.

Please summarize your other findings!

Addie Fletcher

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Greetings SERIALST-ers,

Apologies in advance for duplicate postings...

After months of research and meetings, we've decided to convert from
print to electronic subscriptions wherever possible.  The formal
transition will take place in 2008 when we stop receiving our print
issues through our subscription vendor.

Now, the real work of planning the transition commences!  So, I have a
favor to ask...would anyone be willing to share / send me samples
(electronic or print copies) of the advertising that you did, newsletter
articles that you wrote, items you posted on your web site, etc., when
announced your print subscription cancellations?

I don't want to steal anyone's work, but instead want to gather a pool
of ideas that I can use to craft our own messages.

Many thanks in advance.

Julie Legeros
Senior Information & Research Librarian

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