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Electronic sample issues Gillespie, E Gaele 17 Nov 2007 02:51 UTC

In response to Bill Cohen, Haworth Press, asking what librarians think
of "electronic" sample copies:

I'm not speaking for all librarians, of course, but I and many of my
colleagues are not wild about receiving even more of what could be
considered junk or spam e-mail. Unsolicited "electronic" sample issues
would be as unwelcome as printed ones. We're getting increasing amounts
of electronic (email) advertisements for various publications, and while
I may forward one or two to certain subject specialists, I have found
over time that most advertisements have been mass-emailed, and so I
usually delete them. As for sample issues, it's increasingly common for
librarians and/or teaching faculty and students who are interested in a
journal to go out and "Google" the title (if they know it) or the
publisher's web site, and then get to the information they about a
journal need that way (and they do often forward information to us with
a request to order the journal). The most useful publisher's web sites
are the ones that have an A-Z browse by journal title in addition to a
list of journals by subject (especially large publishers with scores of
titles), and which contain information "about" the journal, the ISSN,
all available format and pricing options, whether a license (or "terms &
conditions of use") is required for online access (and then either cite
a link where the license/terms can be found or how a copy may be
obtained), and complete contact information (names, e-addresses and
phone numbers) in case more information is needed/wanted. The increasing
web presence of publishers' web sites which contain useful, complete,
**current** information about each journal they offer, is a boon for
anyone looking for information about journals. Offering to provide a
free "electronic" sample copy or a free printed sample copy only upon
request seems the enlighted way to operate.

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What do librarians think of "electronic" sample copies?

- Bill

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