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Re: Serials Job Duties Patricia Thompson (07 Nov 2007 20:15 UTC)

Re: Serials Job Duties Patricia Thompson 07 Nov 2007 20:15 UTC

I don't think there is one right way to arrange job duties. Much of
it is dependent on how many other staff you have and what their
skills are. In my library, for example, the Reference librarians
handle the eTOC services. The only thing I would advise is that any
serials librarian should some role in managing electronic serials,
rather than letting everything electronic be handled by someone else.
It's part of keeping up with what's going on.
Pat Thompson

At 11:18 AM 11/7/2007, Melissa Brown wrote:
>Hello all,
>I am new at serials, and have a question for you.  We are in the process
>of refiguring job duties, and I was wondering what a serials librarian
>includes in their jobs.  Do you manage print and electronic serials?
>How about the databases?  Full text access?  Is there anything I am
>missing?  I would like to make my case, one way or the other, to manage
>or not manage electronic serials, eTOC programs, etc.  I think I would
>like to do it, but maybe that should be two different job duties?

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