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Re: Serials check in? Susan Andrews 08 Nov 2007 22:10 UTC

My question is - if you didn't check it in, how do you know if you are
missing it because it was never received?

Just a thought,

Susan Andrews

Head, Serials Librarian
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011 - Library
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
"Your Success Is Our Business"

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Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Serials check in?

We took a break in checking in serials a couple of years ago when we
migrated to a new system.  In the time it took us to redo all our serials
records and learn to set up new patterns, we lost track of a lot of issues.
We were more than happy to have the check-in return.

That said, now that paper serials are less and less important to patrons, it
may be all right for a small library that doesn't keep extensive backfiles
to get rid of check-in.  However, if you are in a research institution, I
would think you should be planning for researchers down the road several
years.  You simply have to have some way of knowing when you are missing an
issue or a subscription has stopped coming entirely.

We will maintain our check-in as long as we have paper issues to house.

Karen C.

Karen M Chobot, MLS
Director, Mildred Johnson Library
North Dakota State College of Science
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> Subject: [SERIALST] Serials check in?
> Hello everyone,
> We think to stop checking in journals. I just wonder who has
> this experience and do you recommend this? Any comments and
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Jingping
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> Marshall University Libraries
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