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Re: Title change question Skwor, Jeanette (04 Dec 2007 14:55 UTC)

Re: Title change question Skwor, Jeanette 04 Dec 2007 14:55 UTC

 We shelve by title also, and if the title changes, the shelf location changes.  Otherwise in a short time you will have people holding a citation for XYZ Journal and finding a note in the X section stating it is shelved in the J's, under Journal Of The End Of the Alphabet, which title ceased several years ago.

If you're going to shelve them otherwise, you are no longer shelving by title, but alphabetically by Whatever They Used to Be :-)

Happy Holidays,

Jeanette L. Skwor
Serials Dept., Cofrin Library
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI  54311-7001

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Hello all,

I'm trying to decide which of two practices will work better for our patrons. Our print periodicals are arranged alpha by title. There are a number of titles in our print collection that have a some point undergone a title change; not just a change in wording, but a completely new title. In such cases, is it better to file the issues under the new title separate from the old, or to keep the old & new together on the stack where the old title is, with a pointer (such as a book dummy with
label) where the new title should be?  Thanks in advance for your opinions & advice.

Best Regards,

Robert Weaver

Serials Librarian

Liberty University