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UUK Workwhop on Open Access Mandates and Metrics: PPTs now online Stevan Harnad 31 Dec 2007 23:49 UTC

     ** Cross-Posted **

     Universities UK Research Events
     Research Information and Management Workshop - 5 December 2007

     * Opening Session: EurOpenScholar
 	by Professor Bernard Rentier, Rector, University of Liege

     * The whole picture: the overall scholarly information landscape
 	by Dr Alma Swan, Director, Key Perspectives Ltd

     * Mandates and Metrics:How Open Repositories Enable Universities to
 	Manage, Measure and Maximise their Research Assets
 	by Professor Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton

     * Optimising research management and assessment processes; the
role of funders by Professor David Eastwood, Chief Executive, HEFCE

     * Overview: outline of the evolution of scholarly information,
what advantages new changes will bring and economic impact for the UK
by Dr. Michael Jubb, Director, Research Information Network