Microfilming and DIGITIZING our school newspaper Jones, Ms. Janie 30 Jan 2008 16:28 UTC

Hello all,

I return to the collective wisdom for guidance!  We are writing
specifications to have our newspaper microfilmed and digitized.

Although LC has lots of info for microfilming, I have questions about
writing specs for the TIFF:

Am I asking for something difficult if I want

1.  The ability for US (ourselves) to go back and retroactively add
descriptive metadata such as titles, subjects, etc.

2.  Navigational aids, such as the ability to get to the first/last
    page, previous/next

3.  Navigational ability to get from one volume to another, or from one
    year to another.

I want to write a spec that is tight enough to guarantee I get what I
want, but not so tight that no one will bid!  So, is what I am
requesting reasonable?  Is there something else I should include?

Thanks to SERIALST!!

Janie Jones
Tarleton State University
Stephenville TX