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Re: ALA Midwinter -- Locations and Dislocations in Technical Services: Coping with a Move Offsite by April 24, 1998 to be eligible for the Early 17 Mar 2008 23:06 UTC

Hello:  We are in the midst of an offsite TSD move but were not able to
attend ALA Midwinter and cannot locate slides on the ALA website
for "Locations and Dislocations in Technical Services: Coping with a Move
Offsite".  Can someone who attended or one of the presenters, possibly share
the slides with the list or summarize the ideas shared or point us to a site
where the slides are mounted? uOttawa Tech Services  are moving  offsite for
a 2 year period and will be moving to another  permanent location (not back
to the Main Library) in another 2 years (2010) .  We are particularly interested
in any discussions about changing addresses with vendors.  Our group is
currently trying to decide whether it is best to contact ALL vendors or the top
50 vendors that we deal with.  We seem to think that serials  address
changes will be more complex than nonserials?  Was this the  case?  Many
thanks for all who are able to lend something to this discussion.


Mary Curran
University of Ottawa Library