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Re: Need examples of quirky e-journals Martha Coleman 21 Mar 2008 18:25 UTC

Worldviews on evidence-based nursing 2004-
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Glasson, Patricia A wrote:

>Apologies for cross-posting.
>We know we've run across several examples of e-journals that appear on a
>provider's site under the latest title only, even though some issues in
>the archives were originally published under an earlier title.
>Conversely we've seen e-journals where one title is divided between 2
>URLs because part of the run is in the backfiles and the rest in current
>But now we've been asked to provide some examples on short notice, and
>we're scrambling to identify titles and websites where these kinds of
>problems can be seen.
>If you've encountered some of these titles/sites recently and can help
>us identify examples, it would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you!
>Patty Glasson
>Serials Cataloging Specialist
>Purdue University