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You are making my point about not adding the older historical collection to our A - Z list. All of these titles are in the library catalog. Many of them are runs that ended 20 plus years ago. In addition there is serious consideration to putting them in storage although that has not happened so far.

We do not have a federated search so in our situation we have to look in two places, the A - Z list and the library catalog.

I recognize that the one list for everything is a great concept but I also see that the nature of the A-Z list is to get it immediately.  We added our current and recently cancelled print to the list so that the complete holdings would be there but as I work with students I see that they rarely want the print.

Marguerite Buck

Date:    Mon, 16 Mar 2009 08:51:35 -0500

From:    Lori Fenton <lori.fenton@WASHBURN.EDU>

Subject: Re: A - Z lists what is included

Those of you who have everything (or more than just e-journals) in your=20 A-Z lists, are you maintaining it all in your catalog as well? Seems=20 like a lot of double work. Does a federated search product help reduce=20 the need for "one place to search for a title?"

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Subject: [SERIALST] A - Z lists what is included

I am interested in know what other libraries include in their A - Z lists of journals. We are using the EBSCO A - Z list but it does not matter what platform you are using. Of course EBSCO takes care of including all the full text in our databases. I have added all the current print periodicals but omitted an historical collection. These titles are in the library catalog and rarely used. The issue here is whether this collection should be added.


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