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Re: incorrect enumeration? Anne McCaffrey 20 Mar 2009 18:28 UTC


With Arts & Activities, I just changed the volume number to 145;  as you said, v.142 was 2007.


Anne McCaffrey
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>>> Sarah Glasser <Sarah.Glasser@HOFSTRA.EDU> 03/20/09 2:21 PM >>>
Hello all,

I recently received issues from three different titles that all seem to have an incorrect enumeration.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Here are the titles and issues in question:

Arts & activities: April 09 issue is marked as v. 142, no. 3.  It seems this should be v.145, no. 3 (the March 09 issue is v. 145, no. 2; vol. 142 was back in 2007).

Global Cosmetic Industry: March 09 says v. 176, no. 3.  Seems it should be v. 177, no. 3 (Feb 09 issue was 177, no 2)

Keyboard: April 09 says v. 35, no. 4.  Seems it should be v. 34...

Are these all just mistakes?  Has anyone noticed this happening more frequently than it used to?


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