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Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Skwor, Jeanette (24 Mar 2009 15:18 UTC)

Re: Turn-Around Time for Journals Skwor, Jeanette 24 Mar 2009 15:18 UTC

We check in, process and shelve newspapers immediately after receipt.  (A few are delivered in the morning, the rest come in the day's mail.)  Periodicals are checked in, processed and shelved within the week they arrived - in other words, we shelve as time and help permit, and we finish all shelving on Friday No Matter What.

Things may (& do) slacken up a bit during breaks, but delivered papers are still generally done the same day, and others within a day or two.

Serials work is always a balancing act; making materials accessible is always a priority.

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Hi Holly,

We subscribe to approximately 1400 print journal titles.

During the semesters (when we have dependable student help), journals
are typically processed and shelved in no more than 1-2 days.  I look
through the mail and make sure that any timely materials
(newsmagazines, newspapers) are processed within a few hours.

During breaks (when student help is sporadic), journals take up to a
week or longer (depending on the length of the break and the number
of students who are working).  I still make sure that timely
materials are processed within a few hours.

Hope this helps,


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On Mar 24, 2009, at 10:30 AM, Spindler, Holly wrote:

> Hello All,
> Our library is taking a look at some of our daily procedures in
> hopes of
> becoming more efficient and a question arose about the turn around
> time
> of processing incoming journals.
> I was hoping some of you might share how long it takes from the time
> your journals arrive in the mail to when they are placed on the
> shelves
> and ready for patrons to view?  A week, a day, or a few hours?  I'm
> just
> looking for an estimate or average.  Any information would be helpful.
> Thanks so much,
> Holly Spindler
> Serials
> Kettering Medical Library &
> KCMA Learning Commons
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