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Re: electronic access question Fearer, Kathleen E (EED) (27 Apr 2009 16:14 UTC)

Re: electronic access question Fearer, Kathleen E (EED) 27 Apr 2009 16:14 UTC

As Sandhya was describing, we use EJS to display usernames and passwords
to authenticated users.  We place them in the "End User Access Note"
through the Registration Tracker.  We include the persistent link to the
Journal Home page, which displays the username and password, in the
catalog and on our A-to-Z list.  But for the journals which are not
available on EJS, we are still facing the problem Sylvia described.

Katie Fearer
Librarian, Periodicals
Alaska State Library

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Hi Sylvia

I believe there is a way to put your username and password access on the
platform so users who authenticate will have the information.  They can
jump to the journal and access on their own with the username and
Speak to your customer service rep at Ebsco and ask where the
can be placed.  I haven't done this in a while because all our titles
are IP
access but I know other libraries have done this.  I believe it is a


Sandhya (Sandy) D. Srivastava
Electronic Resources Librarian
New York Institute of Technology
Wisser Library
Northern Boulevard
Old Westbury, New York 11568-8000
Telephone: (516) 686 - 3790
Fax: (516) 686 - 1152

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Good morning Collective Serials Wisdom,

I'm curious as to what other libraries are doing about access to
serials that will not authenticate except through their own
username/password screens even if they are part of a larger database
such as
EJS or NCLive (October and Film score monthly are two examples). We'd
not hand out usernames and passwords, nor does our Ref. librarian want
have to type them in herself each time someone wants to search these
(as the publishers seem to think should happen).

Please copy any replies to me, as I'm on digest. Thank you in advance
your insight!

Sylvia Koontz
Semans Library
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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