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call for reporters kcblythe@EMAIL.UNC.EDU 29 Apr 2009 19:52 UTC

Friends and colleagues,
I'm seeking reporters for a couple of fast-approaching events.  To
cover OVGTSL 2009, May 6-8, I'd like to add a reporter or two to my
current roster of one volunteer.  I'm also looking for one or two
reporters to cover ALPSP's May 12th "Introduction to Journals
Publishing".  Anyone attending either of these events (or anything else
of interest to the readers of Serials Review), please contact me for
further details, although I'll state at this time that I require no
word count and that what I'm looking for, simply, is a nice little
narrative that will convey what we missed to those of us not in
Kurt (Blythe)
column editor, Serials Review