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Re: Musical Quarterly Stokes, Judith (07 Apr 2009 23:46 UTC)

Re: Musical Quarterly Stokes, Judith 07 Apr 2009 23:46 UTC

We also received v.91:no.1/2 Spr/Sum 2008 of Musical Quarterly last month.Your agent should be tracking all your active subscriptions, including the ones that are not current. Ebsco does that for us pretty reliably. We do keep claiming periodically and we reset our expected dates, based on their replies. The only time we have to track subscriptions ourselves to make sure we get billed is when Ebsco tells us the title is "suspended." In that case, I know they may lose track of it, and we are likely to know if the title resumes publication before they do.

Judith Stokes
Serials/E-resources Librarain
Rhode Island College
600 Mount Pleasant Avenue
Providence, RI 02908

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The latest issue we received was V.91 No.1/2 Spr/Sum 2008. When we have a title that is delayed in publication I make a note on the checkin record of the last issue for which we have paid, to prompt me to check for billing of the next volume. I set up this follow-up procedure after being burned quite a few times.

Linda Grooms
Periodicals Supervisor
duPont-Ball Library
Stetson University

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Has anyone else had difficulty getting a Musical Quarterly subscription. We missed the last 3 years due to subscription agent error. Our invoice stated "will order when current". They even returned a payment. I realize now that I should have been more vigilant and checked myself.

Marguerite Buck
Serials/Reference Librarian
Gabriele Library
Immaculata University
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