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Re: Speaking of invoicing, and John Wiley Mark Hemhauser (10 Apr 2009 14:35 UTC)

Re: Speaking of invoicing, and John Wiley Mark Hemhauser 10 Apr 2009 14:35 UTC

I have a pile of them. I haven't gone through all of them, but most have
been cancelled. They are proforma invoices, so I'm only going to worry
about the ones that weren't cancelled. They are the ones Wiley doesn't
know we've paid for. :-) I think I'll just toss the "second reminders"
when they come. Also, Wiley has reveresed the ship to and bill to
address. They now are shipping these to Ebsco and billing us.


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Skwor, Jeanette wrote:
> Are others being invoiced, re-invoiced and re-re-invoiced (so far) from John Wiley for cancelled titles?  I'm dealing with a virtual snowstorm of paper.  Some are titles that we cancelled with the vendor last year, some I cancelled directly with Wiley.  I have cancellation confirmations back from all of them, but the invoicing does not stop.  On the second copies, I was writing "This title is cancelled", but that hasn't slowed the flow.
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