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I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this or not, but the link for the 2006 material is no longer visible for all 3 UniGroup journal titles (Journal of European Economic History, Economia Italiana, and Review of Economic Conditions in Italy).  All three titles are free.

Back in late August 2009, we received Vol. 37, Issue 1 of the Journal of European Economic History.  It arrived with a questionnaire, asking how we wanted to receive further issues.  I went to their website (see above) and looked at what they offered.  At the time, coverage started with the 2006 issues for all titles.  I had a few questions, and so emailed the publisher.  They wrote back, and we decided to switch to online only, based on having access from 2006 through the current issue.  Now, as I mentioned, 2006 material is not visible on the main webpage.

Using the Journal of European Economic History as an example, this link shows 2007, 2008 and 2009 material

The 2006 material only shows up if you replace the "5" at the end of the above URL with a "1"

I have now emailed the UniGroup several times, letting them know about the missing 2006 material, but I haven't heard anything back.  Emails were sent to (listed on the website) and (listed in the journal).  If your library links to any of the 3 titles, perhaps you could send an email to the 2 addresses?  I'm hoping that if they get several emails (from different libraries) about this problem, then they might fix it.

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