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1) JSTOR Announces Current Collections

Date: Thu, 20 May 2010 13:14:20 -0400
From: David Fritsch <>
Subject: JSTOR Announces Current Collections

May 19, 2010 - JSTOR Announces Current Collections

In conjunction with the 2011 launch of the Current Scholarship
Program (CSP), JSTOR is pleased to introduce the Current
Collections.  Recently, JSTOR announced that 176 titles from 19
publishers will be available in the Current Scholarship Program for
the 2011 subscription year.  Individual titles will be available and,
based on input from our participating libraries, this current content
has also been organized into collections that mirror JSTOR's archive
collections.  The Current Collections are detailed below.  Each
collection has a link to a downloadable title list for that
Collection, which libraries can use for comparison purposes with
their own holdings.

A complete Current Scholarship Program Title List for 2011
Subscription Year (.csv file) is available here. (Please note that in
Internet Explorer, these links will open as a text file within your
browser. We recommend using Firefox to download these as
comma-delimited files).

Multidisciplinary Current Collections

Arts & Sciences I

Arts & Sciences II

Arts & Sciences III

Arts & Sciences IV

Arts & Sciences V

Arts & Sciences VI

Arts & Sciences VII

Arts & Sciences VIII

Life Sciences

Discipline-Specific Current Collections

Biological Sciences

Business I

Business II

Business III

Ecology & Botany

Health & General Sciences

Language & Literature

Mathematics & Statistics


In addition to the Multidisciplinary and Discipline-Specific Current
Collections, JSTOR will also offer community-specific collections, an
all-inclusive collection that contains the 176 Current Scholarship
Program titles, and will replicate packages currently offered by the
CSP-participating publishers. Full runs (the current content plus
back file) will also be available for each collection.

The Current Collection prices are formed from the individual-title
prices set by CSP-participating publishers.  JSTOR adds no additional
fees.  These prices will be released in the summer of 2010.   Access
to current content on the JSTOR platform will begin in January of

A final list of publishers and titles that will be available via the
Current Scholarship Program for the 2011 subscription year is
available here. 

We are offering a Holdings Comparison Service at no cost to
participating and non-participating libraries. In order to compare
your library's holdings to titles in the Current Scholarship Program,
please send us a list of ISSNs associated with the titles you hold.
These may be submitted either as a text file or an Excel file, and
should be emailed as an attachment to

In May and June, JSTOR will be holding four webinars which will
provide an overview of the Current Scholarship Program and how to
participate in it. 

The dates for these webinars are as follows:
5/19/10: 3 - 4pm EDT. Register here.
5/26/10: 3 - 4pm EDT. Register here.
6/9/10: 9:30 - 10:30am EDT. Register here.
6/16/10: 3 - 4pm EDT. Register here.

For more information on the Current Scholarship Program and the
Current Collections, please contact 

David R. Fritsch
Assistant Director, Outreach and Participation Services
JSTOR | Portico

Voice: (609) 986-2286
Fax: (212) 358-6445

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scholarly journals and other content, and Portico (,
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