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Re: KB update - what is that? Sarah Hartman-Caverly 03 Nov 2010 13:13 UTC

Hi Cyndi,

A "KB" (knowledge base) update is provided by the vendor of a system like a link resolver, electronic resource management system (ERM), etc.  Basically, as content providers add or remove titles, change packages, change coverage dates, redesign their platforms and change linking structures, etc., knowledge base vendors have to keep their systems in sync with these changes by providing updates for their customers.  This is why it is beneficial to report changes that will affect all subscribers to the system vendor - they can make the change in their central knowledge base, and it will be propagated to all customers through the update process.

Hope that helps!

Sarah Hartman-Caverly
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I've seen a couple people mention a "KB update" - what is that, and who
provides these updates?

Thanks for any information you folks can share; I appreciate it!

Take care,