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2nd and 3rd editions Emma Antobam 26 Sep 2012 14:40 UTC


This question is about how to input information about a 2nd and 3rd edition of
issues from a serial title. There exist 3 series of this title Cultivator which is
listed in 3 separate holdings statements. A fourth holding statement mentions
a second edition for vols. 1-2 (1837) and a 3rd edition for vols. 1-4 (1838). so
the record looks like this:
h	v. 2 (1835/1836)-v. 3 (1836), v. 4 (1837)-v. 10 (1843)
h	new ser., v. 1 (1844)-v. 5 (1848), v. 9 (1852)
h	3rd ser., v. 1 (1853)
h	2nd ed. v. 1-2 (1837), 3rd ed. v. 1-v. 4 (1838)

Should 2nd editions or third editions be included in a holdings statement? I'd
like to remove this from here and input this into the bib record under a 500
note instead. How would anyone else handle this?


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