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Interview with the Scholarly Kitchen's Kent Anderson Richard Poynder 07 Nov 2012 17:42 UTC

An interview with Kent Anderson, Editor-in Chief of the Scholarly Kitchen,
CEO/Publisher of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, President-Elect of the
Society for Scholarly Publishing, and “one of the more vocal sceptics of open

Amongst other things, Anderson explains why he believes that PubMed Central
is biased towards Open Access publishers, why he believes it is now acting as a
primary publisher (despite claiming otherwise), and why he believes that it is
favouring eLife, the new OA journal funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and the Max-Planck Society.

From the interview:

“PubMed Central is a government initiative, part of the US National Library of
Medicine [NLM] and the National Institutes of Health. These agencies are
supposed to act fairly and uniformly according to rules they make obvious to
everyone. In the case of eLife, the normal rules were not followed — eLife was
accepted into PubMed Central before it had demonstrated any capacity to
publish independently.”


“For publishers, this is frustrating because they abide by rules they feel are
uniformly applied, so to see a new and unproven journal cut the line with the
clear assistance of PubMed Central only adds to their worst fears — that
something in the leadership at PubMed Central is bending the rules to suit a
larger agenda, that there isn’t a level playing field, and that there’s a hidden

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