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Commercial Digest 3 messages Stephen Clark 14 Feb 2014 19:42 UTC

Commercial Digest, a once a week digest of messages containing
informational content from commercial bodies (i.e., publishers,
publishers, vendors, agents, etc.)

This week's digest contains 3 messages:

1)  Press Release:  Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) and Springer
Partner to Provide eBook Interlibrary Loan
2)  Five New Publishers Join Portico's E-Journal Preservation Service
3)  A new Open Access imprint - EDP Sciences launches EDP Open

1)  Press Release:  Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) and Springer
Partner to Provide eBook Interlibrary Loan

Subject:Press Release: Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) and
Springer Partner to Provide eBook Interlibrary Loan
Lars Hagelin <><>
1/31/2014 7:39 PM

GWLA and Springer Launch eBooks Interlibrary Loan Pilot with Occam’s
Reader Project
The Occam’s Reader Project is a partnership between Texas Tech
University, the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and GWLA
The Occam’s Reader Project – comprised of Texas Tech University, the
University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, and the Greater Western Library Alliance
(GWLA) – and Springer, are pleased to announce that they have entered
into an agreement to run a pilot program with GWLA’s 33 members, focused
on eBook interlibrary loans (ILL). This is the first major collaboration
of its kind between academic libraries and a major publisher. The
year-long project could revolutionize the way libraries share books in a
digital world.
At the center of the project lies Occam’s Reader, new software developed
by the Design & Development Team at Texas Tech University Libraries and
the Web Interface Development Team at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
Libraries, in collaboration with Greater Western Library Alliance
(GWLA).  Occam’s Reader creates a process for requesting, processing and
delivering eBooks. ILL has always been possible under the terms of
Springer eBook licenses, but previously there was no process for doing
so. By integrating with the existing ILLiad framework, Occam’s Reader
should make eBook ILL part of libraries’ everyday workflow.
The many features of Occam’s Reader make this a win-win situation for
both GWLA members and Springer. Benefits include secure online access to
borrowed books, compliance with copyright laws and licensing provisions,
reporting of usage statistics and the ability to take advantage of
existing Springer features, such as location- and device-agnostic
access. Both eBook chapters and full eBooks from Springer are included
in the pilot.
  Joni Blake, Executive Director of GWLA stated, “This project is in
keeping with GWLA's long tradition of being an innovation incubator, and
advocating for cutting-edge technological solutions to problems facing
academic libraries.”
Ryan Litsey, Texas Tech Document Delivery Librarian and Director of the
Occam’s Reader Project said, “We could not be more proud of the headway
that we are making with our new Occam’s Reader technology. Interlibrary
loans of eBooks have long been a challenge posed to academic libraries,
and we believe this new software could be the answer.”
Naomi Chow, Interlibrary Loan Librarian at University of Hawai’i at
Mānoa added, “We are excited to be a development partner in this project
that has the potential to change the way research libraries work with
publishers. Our goal is to make Occam’s Reader the gold standard for
electronic loans.”
“At Springer we are constantly trying to find new ways to add value to
the content, products and services that we offer,” said Syed Hasan,
President of Global Academic and Government Sales and Marketing. “It is
part of our DNA to collaborate on promising initiatives like this pilot
in order to help find solutions to our customers’ challenges, and we are
excited for the opportunity to take part.”
Greater Western Library Alliance (<>) is
a dynamic, effective, project-oriented consortium, nationally recognized
as a leader in the transformation of scholarly communication, and a
facilitator in the application of new information technologies.
Springer Science+Business Media
(<>) is a leading global
scientific, technical and medical publisher, providing researchers in
academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with
quality content via innovative information products and services.
Joni Blake | Greater Western Library Alliance |<> | tel.: +1 913.370.4422
Ryan Litsey | Texas Tech University |<> | tel.: +1 806.742.2239
Naomi Chow | University of Hawai’i at Mānoa |<> | tel.: +1 808.956.5951
Alexander Brown | Springer |<> |
tel.: +1 212.620.8063
Lars Hagelin
Senior Communications Officer
Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA)<>
Available: M, T, F: 7:30-11:30 ; Th: 11-3 (CT)
On the web:<>
On Facebook:<>

2)  Five New Publishers Join Portico's E-Journal Preservation Service

Subject:Five New Publishers Join Portico's E-Journal Preservation Service
From:Marita LaMonica <>
Date:2/4/2014 11:28 AM

Five New Publishers Join Portico's E-Journal Preservation Service

Portico is pleased to announce the following publishers are now
preserving their e-journals with Portico:

     European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare
     Vittorio Klostermann
     American Library Association
     White Horse Press
     Medwave Estudios Limitada

For more details, please visit our News page.

About: The Portico archive is certified as a "trustworthy digital
repository" by the Center for Research Libraries; more than 17,000
e-journals, more than 200,000 e-books, and 72 d-collections have been
entrusted to it. For a complete list of Portico-related facts and
figures, please visit Portico Archive Facts & Figures.

3)  A new Open Access imprint - EDP Sciences launches EDP Open

Subject: A new Open Access imprint - EDP Sciences launches EDP Open
From:Charlotte Van Rooyen <>
Date:2/4/2014 5:02 PM

I hope the following information is of interest to readers of SERIALST

EDP Sciences, a learned-society owned publisher has just announced the
launch of their new Open Access imprint - EDP Open. EDP partners with
societies, publishers and academics, and this latest initiative intends
to support them in integrating Open Access into their publishing
activities. EDP Open has also launched two Gold Open Access journals
Manufacturing Review and EPJ Applied Metamaterials.
Full details are in the Press Release below, do get in touch with me, or
with Nigel Hollingworth (contact info given at the end) if you need any
more information.

Kind regards

Charlotte Van Rooyen
TBI Communications Limited
Tel: +44 (0) 7980287824
Linkedin Profile:


EDP Sciences announces the launch of EDP Open

Paris, France, February 4th 2014 – EDP Sciences, a learned-society owned
publisher – has announced the launch of EDP Open – a new Open Access

EDP Sciences has almost a century’s experience of publishing high
quality, international journals, magazines, books and websites. Today,
EDP partners with prestigious societies, publishers and prominent academics.

Open Access represents a significant shift in the journals publishing
landscape, creating both opportunities and threats for societies and
other specialist publishers. EDP Sciences has extensive experience of
both converting subscription journals to Open Access, and launching Open
Access titles. EDP Open becomes their new platform for Gold Open Access

“We have an active Open Access programme,” said Jean-Marc Quilbé,
President of EDP Sciences.  “We’ve worked with a range of societies and
publishers to advise them on their best response to Open Access trends
and policies. For some of our partners, this has been to convert their
journal to full Open Access; for others, a hybrid approach has been more
appropriate.  Increasingly now we’re being asked to support the launch
of new Gold Open Access journals, and EDP Open is our response to this.”

EDP Open provides access to more than 70,000 Open Access scientific
articles from across all EDP Sciences’ journals and also hundreds of
conference proceedings. EDP Open has also launched two new Gold Open
Access journals: Manufacturing Review – a forum for presenting the
latest advances, developments and applications of manufacturing
engineering, technology and applied sciences; and also EPJ Applied
Metamaterials – a platform for multidisciplinary researchers to exchange
information on metamaterials with a focus on high impact engineering

“At EDP we believe Open Access holds many opportunities for society
publishers,” continued Quilbé. “Of course, we’re aware that the threat
to established income sources need managing too. We don’t dictate a
specific approach, but we do feel it’s important for societies to
explore their options and begin to integrate Open Access into their
activities. We help them do just that. There can be little doubt that
Open Access is here to stay.”

About EDP Sciences and EDP Open
EDP Sciences is a not-for-profit publisher, established in 1920,
belonging to learned societies with a mission to participate in the
dissemination of important research that accelerates scientific progress
and cross-fertilisation of ideas of the society in general. EDP Open is
the Open Access arm of EDP Sciences. EDP Sciences is located in Paris
and London and publishes over 55 scientific journals in the physical
sciences, mathematics, life and environmental sciences, energy,
materials and engineering, health and biomedical sciences. It also
publishes 20 professional magazines, conference proceedings
( and books.

For more information:
Nigel Hollingworth
Publishing Consultant
EDP Open
Tel: +44 (0) 1275 854286

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