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I passed the messages from this list about metapress on to one of my colleagues and she asked me to share what's she's learned, adding: "I’ve been learning all of this through trial and error and emails to publishers; maybe our experience won’t apply to other institutions, but I hope this info will help save people some hassle."

Atypon Platform
We got emails from when journals moved to Atypon, so the transfer of access worked smoothly.  However, we’re having problems with admin functions:

Branding – a logo won't show unless the publisher enables it.  A rep at Liverpool University Press talked with Atypon and then "changed the option to allow display of institutional logos to ‘true’".  It sounds like publishers don't know about this setting.  We uploaded our logo in the admin module, but the publisher has to enable it as well.

OpenURL – ours isn’t working because the base URL ends in a “?” and apparently Atypon can’t handle that.  As a user of Alma, I’ve sent this to Ex Libris and they haven’t responded yet.  I don’t know how Atypon will work with other systems, but people should test their openURL links.

Allen Press Platform
We got emails from Allen Press when journals moved in, so the transfer was smooth but you do have to register with them to get 2015 content.

OpenURL – same problem as Atypon – no terminating “?” allowed.  Test your openURL links.

Admin in general:  confusing and odd.  Allen Press has a separate admin account for each journal:  the journal’s homepage plus an admin login.  The same login will apply to all, and when you log in to one journal admin you can see all the rest in a dropdown list.  However, to get accurate usage stats, you must to log in from each journal’s homepage and choose their account from the list.  If you log into one account and use the dropdown list to collect stats for all your accounts, the stats will be very inaccurate (down to single digits).

Kristen Kruse
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